We have more than 30 years of experience in the planning, coordination and execution of logistics projects in Venezuela and we have a team of professionals with the expertice and experience in handling special requirement projects and design of supply processes for Industrial projects, specially in Oil and Energy.

Our team of professionals in international freight, customs and customs warehousing and logistics provide highly specialized and custom designed services for the following areas:

Oil and Gas

  • Oil refining
  • Exploration
  • Extraction plants
  • Crude oil pumping
  • Pipeline construction
  • Petrochemical
  • LNG plants


  • Thermoelectric power generation
  • Hydroelectric generation
  • Distribution
  • Combined-cycle generation


The success of any project lies in the success of its logistics planning. From the design of transport, equipment and materials flow processes, the exact timing of the dispatches and their sequence, to the guarantee of the integrity of the load and road structures, are important for customers satisfaction. The process is designed coordinating suppliers, engineering companies, contractors, and the end customer.

Our team of professionals in logistics of projects offers the guarantee of success in their processes, through:

  • High level experienced team of professionals.
  • Emergency response capacity.
  • Knowledge of the international market specialized in exceptional cargo shipping.
  • Knowledge of the best special suppliers of transportation and lifting equipment.
  • Domain of port operations for the handling of exceptional pieces in Venezuelan ports.
  • Team of engineers specialized in road and feasibility studies.
  • Experience in civil engineering.
  • Commitment to quality and strict monitoring of required KPI's .
  • Continuous communication on transport processes.


Phase I

  • Analysis of Customs Special Regimes.
  • Exemptions management.
  • Tariff classifications.
  • Management of quality standards.
  • Route studies.
  • Exceptional transport permits.

Phase II

  • International transportation management.
  • Ships and aircraft chartering as required.
  • Analysis of the required transport and lifting equipment.
  • Port operations for exceptional pieces.
  • Management of temporary storage at origin or at destination.
  • Availability of SPMT equipment or similar for downloads "under hook".
  • “Direct discharge” customs processes.
  • Advanced customs clearance for emergencies.
  • Attention on ports 365/7/24.
  • Supervision of uploads and downloads with our team of engineers.
  • Ground shipment follow-up.

Phase III

  • Reverse logistics for equipment under temporary admission.
  • Balance control with customs authorities.
  • Temporary admission due dates control.
  • Statistics of processes and our services KPI's.


In the case of provisions for aircraft catering service, we offer maritime service to reduce the costs of international freight and a process of transit from the port to the airport with the speed and guarantee of the integrity of supplies, whether it’s goods free of tax, or processed foods for consumption on board.