Customs Warehousing

We manage the transfer of shipments from the warehouses of international airlines to our customs warehouses to secure:

  • Cargo integrity
  • Reasonable costs
  • Additional warehousing free days
  • In-Bond storage options

We offer an efficient import border service at the Colombia – Venezuela custom crossing points. We offer handling in customs warehouses at a reasonable cost and excellent process times.


All our customs warehouses are equipped with areas designated and authorized by the local customs authorities to act as Bonded Warehouse.  This customs regime allows importers to store goods for up to one year without the need to nationalize. Importers may choose to import or re-export afterwards.


We offer Handling Agent and GSA services for international airlines.  Among other special services, we provide:

  • Transfers from airport ramp to the customs storage facility
  • Temporary warehouse
  • Direct Notification to airline customers
  • Warehouse handling and assistance for customs inspections
  • Export shipment handling
  • Handling of dangerous goods accepted for the international transport with passengers
  • ULD and pallet equipment control


We offer guaranteed cold chain handling for medicines with temperature requirements ensured during the international transport process.

The process includes the use of ¨Envirotainers¨ for transportation, boxes filled with previously cooled gel packs, supply of Reefer units, and storage in customs warehouses certified to handle products that require cold chain.

The reception at warehouses that guarantee the cold chain is essential to ensure the quality of pharmaceutical products that are imported. We are certified by several laboratories to handle products in cold chain and have processes and monitoring and backup equipment that guarantee the cold chain while customs formalities are completed.

We have two fully certified warehouses for handling pharmaceutical products, ensuring storage in areas of controlled temperature, 2 C to 8 C and 18 C. These sites are available for our customers from the pharmaceutical industry at the international airports of Valencia and Maiquetia, which serves the city of Caracas.