Customs Brokerage


Regardless of the import service requirement, especially when frequency and/or volumes require more detailed planning of the logistics process, we have a supply chain service that includes:

  • Pick up planning of goods at suppliers located around the world.
  • Setting up consolidation hubs for cargo from different suppliers.
  • Cost optimization of freight with the dispatch of full containers from our warehouses around the world.
  • Careful selection of the best routes and carriers to ensure the best transit times and rates.
  • Control of cargo arrival at destination.
  • Customs Brokerage consulting and advisory for both ordinary and special clearance processes.
  • Transit of goods to be cleared at a customs office different from airport, port or border point of arrival.
  • Storage of inventory in our customs and logistic warehouses.


Our highly trained and experienced team offer the best design and management for exports processes in various forms, air or sea transport. Our additional specialized service include:

  • Cargo inspection on site to define transport strategies.
  • Special and conventional cargo packing.
  • Use of Packaging authorized by the United Nations for dangerous goods (DGR).
  • Design of export logistics for large volumes of merchandise.
  • Coordinating international freight sea and/or air in the best conditions of rates and transit times.
  • Management of special permits requirements, such as temporary exports.
  • Coordination of land and port transport operations.
  • Customs Brokerage for exports.


We offer in-house services for customers who require our team within their offices or factories. This ensures a full time staff with the required experience handling the full range of the transport logistics processes:

  • Control and management of international orders, coordinating tsuppliers and our agents around the world.
  • Control and coordination of customs operations in Venezuela.
  • Key performance indicators reporting (KPI's).
  • Control and monitoring of road ransportation to final delivery site.
  • Personalized attention at ports for arrival of special shipments.
  • Security

For cargo with special requirements due to its nature, whether delicate, valuable or highly susceptible to theft, we offer armored escort service in various forms to accompany shipments throughout the route, out of ports and airports to the warehouse of destination indicated by our customers. In addition, if requested, dispatches can be arranged in trucks with built-in GPS for better tracking during transit.